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Friday, October 31, 2008



I read with interest articles that was recently e-mailed by some of the readers with regards to the importance of unity among the community members. Without going further, “unity” as stated in kamus dwibahasa Oxford in Bahasa Melayu means “keadaan berpadu, kesesuaian, keharmonian and menyatukan. “United” means bersatu hati, seia, sekata, berpadu and bersatu.

I don’t claim to be an expert in the history of mankind nor the Islamic history. Do correct me if I am wrong, Thru out the history of man kind, there were never a period of total unity among any particular race, religion, country or even family. From The Prophet Adam’s children to the time of the Caliphs, from The Roman Empire of Julius Caesar to the Malacca Sultanates, there is difference of opinion among the religious sects, even among your family members and the list can go on and on. While difference in opinion might not necessarily mean there would be disunity, more often than not it actually leads to it. This is the fact that each and every one of us must come to term as reality. We should not even begin to talk about unity among the people and community if our own backyard is in shambles.

It is never ever possible to have complete unity. Opinion varies among every single individual. When differing opinions are spoken and debated openly or if it was spoken thru third parties, most people can never accept criticism how ever constructive it might be! Immediately, there would be either verbal or even physical repercussion and the seeds of disunity would be planted by the devil.

It is my personal opinion that we should not be talking about unity but instead we should be emphasizing a sense of respect towards one another, behaving with dignity and setting good examples for others irrespective of young or old to follow suit. It is sad to say that what we have seen in the past six months within the community seems to reflect that we are no better than the non-Muslims themselves. We argue and insult others over petty things, we refuse to bury our past difference, we only think about our own self-interest and we hurt other Muslim brothers and sister to further our own selfish cause. We literally throw stone and then hide our hand, we accuse others yet most of the time we were the one who created the crime in the first place, we conspire and create rumours to tarnish the good name of fellow Muslims, we even tarnish the sacred mosque, the house of Allah with our profanity and lastly but not the least, we laugh at others predicament. What “vested interest” can one have, to be able to conduct all the above traits? Being in the position of power in this community will not bring one wealth, influence nor personal advancement.

“Unity” is really wishful thinking for what we have done to the community. Let the Jews, Americans, Iraqis and the Palestinians fight their own war for the time being. Our prayers should always be there with them. We have our own Battle to fight. We must prepare our self to come to reality and undo the damage that we have contributed to the community.

We have to acknowledge that none of us are perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to be one. We must practice what we preach and we must be able to accept our mistakes and move on to be a better Muslim. After all as the saying goes “To Err Is Human”. We have and will be given ample opportunity to repent to Allah, but our sin towards fellow Muslims would require upon us to ask for personal forgiveness failing which, it will be evaluated in Mashar.

No doubt each and every one of us will face death at some point of time. But before that …..

We have to ask ourselves:

– Am I ready to meet my creator?

– Have I fulfilled all my pledge as a Muslim?

– Have I prepared myself for the judgment day?

– Did I sin upon other Muslim brothers and sisters?

– As a Son, what have I done in religious terms for my parents?

– As a Husband, what have I done in religious terms for my wife?

– As a Father, what have I done in religious terms for my kids?

– As a Human Being, what have I contributed to the community?

– As a Muslim, what have I achieved to justify a place in heaven?

One must evaluate each question without prejudice and the answer would surely make one shiver with fear and humility and pray that Allah would be merciful towards us. Our very short existence on this planet should not deprive us an eternal well being in the day after. Our lust and hunger for present day satisfaction, will only deprive us of a better place in the day after.

I believe that we have a real tough time ahead to accomplish a paradigm change of mind set. But if we are able to answer all the question above positively, we would have a community that thrives on the ways of Prophet Muhammad. As a Malabari community, much have been lost in terms of our standing in the community. We might have Money but we are not Rich, We might not be Sick but we are not Healthy, We might be Old but we are not Wise, We have religious education but our Heart is blind. Our forefathers used to be powerful religious and respected in the community. It is not to late for us to regain the glory for our own sake and the sake of our children.

Please think wisely and act positively now before your time is up…….

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